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I am proud to have the honor of being a “trusted advisor” to thousands of telecom decision makers. I am known for my ability to learn new products and technologies quickly and for my ability to influence others to follow. I know how to ask the right questions and how to listen…and identify true customer needs. I have a reputation for excellence in delivering presentations and demonstrations. Telecom products excite me and I have a gift for being able to transfer my excitement to others. My goals are to help customers get the most value from UC/Telecom products...to help my employer grow sales revenue…and to be the best sales engineer in the industry.

Monday, August 27, 2012

The icing is nice but the cake is really what it is all about.

I am looking for employment.  How I got here is not important...but I view it as an opportunity...not as a problem.  In the process of helping hiring managers understand what I have to offer...I did some soul searching...as recommended by several publications and networking group speakers...and attempted to list my most significant accomplishments.  So that in my resume and in phone or live interviews...I would be sure to highlight them.  The thought being that these accomplishments represent my value and what I have to offer an employer.  This is all well and good...but today...I realized that these accomplishments...of which there are many of high significance...are not where my value lies.  These accomplishments are just icing on the cake.  So...what is the cake?  The cake is not what happens a few times a year...like a product launch or a significant presentation...the cake is what happens every day...day in and day out.  The cake is...that I helped sell lots and lots of telecom equipment that might not otherwise have been sold.  The cake is...that I helped clients solve business problems using high tech telecom gear.  The cake is that I positioned my self as a product subject matter expert...a customer business problem identification expert...a problem solving expert...an expert at matching need with capability...an excellent communicator...one who provides information and answers that have an exceptional degree of accuracy...and most importantly...I made myself available to a large number of people that were trying to sell (or buy) telecom equipment.  I came across this idea today...as I was trying to do some self assessment...and asked myself...what activities really make me happy.  And while the important presentations and achievements are great...and are very valuable...the value really lies in what I did day after day after day...and that is what excites me about my ability to contribute to a future employer.  I hope this post helps you in identifying your true value and passion.

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