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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Is Your Head in the Clouds?

A tough economy, a more mobile workforce and rapidly advancing technology...make it more difficult for businesses to make a long term investment in a new traditional "on premise" telephone system.  These systems require substantial up front capitol expenditures, are inherently geographically "isolated" from mobile and remote employees...and are in danger of becoming obsolete in a shorter period of time.  One solution to these business problems is to subscribe to cloud-based communications services.  These "cloud" or "hosted" services allow businesses to take advantage of the benefits of the latest communication technologies without the up front cost, complexity and risks of owning an on premise telephone system.  And they are well positioned to provide easy access to mobile and remote workers.  We are not talking about POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) here...today's hosted services include High Definition voice, unlimited local and long distance calling, presence, chat, audio and video conferencing, web meetings, call recording, Internet fax, smartphone apps, user and administrator GUIs, call centers, voice mail to email and much much more.  So...before you purchase your next telephone system...I think exploring cloud-based solutions to your business problems will be time very well invested.

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