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I am proud to have the honor of being a “trusted advisor” to thousands of telecom decision makers. I am known for my ability to learn new products and technologies quickly and for my ability to influence others to follow. I know how to ask the right questions and how to listen…and identify true customer needs. I have a reputation for excellence in delivering presentations and demonstrations. Telecom products excite me and I have a gift for being able to transfer my excitement to others. My goals are to help customers get the most value from UC/Telecom products...to help my employer grow sales revenue…and to be the best sales engineer in the industry.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Anatomy of a sales engineering "transaction" (part 4)

Communicate the solution simply and with enthusiasm.  Prospects have their own businesses to run and usually they are not telecom experts...and they don't want to be.  But they do need to understand the benefits that your proposed solution will deliver.  So the idea is to speak to them without all the acronyms and buzz words.  Strive for simple English (non-telecom) explanations of features and benefits.  As for the enthusiasm...it comes naturally to me.  When I can "see" the problem and know my products will solve the problem...I get excited and want to tell them how great things will be.  It is really all about voice inflection and body language.  I am sorry...I do not know a tip to give you here...you either have it (a spark) or you don't.

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